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Our Sustainability Programs

Our Sustainability Programs

Our mission is to exceed our clients expectations and promote human development, while being committed to sustainable tourism and the community.

Our sustainability principles:

  • To promote social and environmental responsibility.
  • To help out the local community and set an example for other companies.
  • To seek the well-being of the local community.
  • To influence and educate our co-workers, clients, and suppliers.
  • To invest and promote training and growth at all levels.
  • To educate and promote the conservation of natural resources.
  • To be responsible and minimize our solid and liquid wastes.
  • To safeguard the health of our co-workers and the community.

Environmental Programs

Certification for Sustainable Tourism

It is a program of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) proposed to categorize and certify tourism companies based on the degree to which their operation complies with a sustainable model of natural, cultural and social resource management. Four key areas are evaluated.

  • Physical-biological: Evaluates the interaction between the company and its surrounding natural environment, creates interest in the implementation of policies and sustainability programs, environmental protection, among others.
  • Plant service: Evaluates aspects related to internal systems and processes of the company, in terms of waste management and the usage of technologies for saving water and electricity.
  • Customer: Evaluates the actions established by management to invite customers to participate in the implementation of the company 's sustainability policies.
  • Socioeconomic environment: Evaluates the identification and interaction of the establishment with adjacent communities, analyzing for instance the degree to which tourism businesses respond to growth and development of the region through the creation of employment or the achievement of benefits in favor of the collective.

Environmental Committee

The Irazú Hotel & Studios contemplate the environmental impact of our present and future activities and take steps to reduce resource use, thereby decreasing the unwanted impact on our operations and to those of companies that contribute to our work, participating in joint campaigns with our employees and guests:

  • Waste management: To a certain extent the Hotels purchase biodegradable, returnable, recycled or recyclable products. Apart from that our hotels have a management plan for solid waste that increases recycled material and minimizes waste.
  • Use of energy: Both hotels are committed to reducing electricity consumption, the use of sunlight and the incorporation of all available technology to avoid unnecessary expense.
  • Constant inspections of leaks and campaigns to prevent the waste of this precious liquid.
  • Transport: Right use of energy, unnecessary fuel consumption, exhaust fumes and noise are taken into consideration when hiring transportation services.
  • Protection of National Heritage: We seek to reduce the impact that our guests have on wildlife protected areas and different sites by informing them on how to walk through protected areas, avoiding the impact on flora, fauna and landscape; and respecting the vulnerability of those ecosystems.

urthermore, protect local cultures and values and support the efforts of conservation and development. As part of its work, Our Hotel is committed to activities that promote human development for the communities we visit, using environmental resources optimally and efficiently while maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural resources and biodiversity of the environment in which we develop our activities.

Social Programs

The Draft Code of Conduct is an initiative of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and ECPAT International, developed in the countries of origin and countries of destination tourism. This project seeks the participation and commitment of the tourism industry to discourage and punish the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents associated with travel and tourism.

To subscribe to the Code of Conduct and enterprises must develop the following Sign the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children and Adolescents against Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism

  • Train staff: Staff must have clear guidelines and company policies regarding the protection of minors against sexual exploitation and act as preventive agents of this problem
  • Place external symbols to alert its customers and suppliers about their position against the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents: posters, talkative, leaflets, flyers, stickers, warnings for websites, letterhead stationery, etc...
  • Fill in the contracts of providers of tourist services a clause declaring that the rejection common to the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
  • Submit an annual report containing the actions carried out to fulfill the commitments as a member of the Code.

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No to Prostitution

This is a program created and implemented which seeks to discourage any kind of sex tourism in Costa Rica, regardless of age.

Through this program:

  • Prevents access to the hotels of any person offering sexual services.
  • Reporting to our customers in every possible way (travel agencies, internet, stationery, etc.) about this policy.
  • Prohibiting staff participation in both hotels in any activity related to sex tourism.
  • Inviting more tourism-related businesses to join this program.


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